gagging *IX directors re snoop/block orders

Ken Chase math at
Fri Feb 17 15:56:23 UTC 2017

And when you go to figure out why that IP wont ping through Cogent on
your exchange, and start troubleshooting but can't get any answers
as to why things are bust...

[ Clearly now an operational issue for NANOG. ]

Purposely breaking routing and not being able to talk about why is going to
set many orgs at odds with their basic operational charters. I expect that
a paid service will work when it's provided, including help debugging their end.

This is slightly different from a service provider, ostensibly you can
go elsewhere to get service - but when you are a member of a nonprofit *IX
(as we are with TorIX), things get a lot more complex.

I imagine contract lawyers are going to be all over this.

(their typo in the url)

Ken Chase - math at Guelph/Toronto Canada

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