backbones filtering unsanctioned sites

Ken Chase math at
Fri Feb 10 22:30:48 UTC 2017

If its not just cogent then we have an even larger issue -- that
theres asymetric application of rulings. So we should just assume
that if we can't get to something via cogent then all backbones
within the same jurisdiction(*) should or will also have the same sites/ips
blocked soon? And that it wasnt a fat finger/typo/someone forgot to
remove a block? So we're all just waiting for Level 3 to block TPB
too, and we still havent seen a legal ruling/order anywhere? 

* for various values of 'jurisdiction', in a world where all network
operators seeing a technical issue can immediately use their law degrees
to guess at which jurisdiction where, when and for how long, installed the
ban. (FAICT the ban on TPB @cogent is worldwide.)


On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 05:03:56PM -0500, Christopher Morrow said:
  >it's totally possible that the list here is really just a court-order
  >addition, right? I can't imagine that there is a cogent employee just evily
  >twiddling pens and adding random ips to blacklists...


  >so it seems safe to assume that there's some court order cogent reacted to
  >:( we should fight that problem upstream.

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