IoT security

clinton mielke clinton.mielke at
Fri Feb 10 22:00:34 UTC 2017

That being said, I think if other ISPs took virgins lead then we can start
getting this population of devices reduced. The hard part is getting
overseas ISPs to help with the problem.

Most inbound infectious scanning traffic appears to come from China and
Vietnam. I need to create some better aggregate statistics.

On Feb 10, 2017 5:48 AM, "Marco Slater" <marco at> wrote:

> > As an ISP, scan your customers netrange, and notify customers with known
> > vulnerable devices. With regards to the current Mirai threat, theres
> only a
> > handful of devices that are the most critical importance. IE, biggest
> > fraction of the infected host pie.
> Virgin Media in the UK do this for Mirai-infected or susceptible devices
> already.
> What they send out:
> Quite interesting approach. If more consumers were aware of this, they may
> do something about it.. although.. people are lazy. :(

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