backbones filtering unsanctioned sites

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Fri Feb 10 18:39:48 UTC 2017

Have we determined that this is intentional vs. some screw up? 

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On 2/9/17 9:18 PM, Ken Chase wrote: 
> /kc 

Funny. Someone else got back: 

"Abuse cannot not provide you a list of websites that may be 
encountering reduced visibility via Cogent" 

I almost wish I had a Cogent circuit just to bring this up with an 
account rep. Almost. 

I'd very much so view this as a contractual violation on Cogent's part. 

Cogent keeps contacting me every year wanting to sell me service. This 
will be a good one to bring up when they call me next time. 

Brielle Bruns 
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