IoT security

clinton mielke clinton.mielke at
Thu Feb 9 06:19:01 UTC 2017

Yup! All the mapping Ive done is over port 80. Id have a lot more than I
currently have if I was looking at other ports, probably.

On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM, <valdis.kletnieks at> wrote:

> On Wed, 08 Feb 2017 21:04:07 -0800, clinton mielke said:
> > As an ISP, scan your customers netrange, and notify customers with known
> > vulnerable devices. With regards to the current Mirai threat, theres
> only a
> > handful of devices that are the most critical importance. IE, biggest
> > fraction of the infected host pie.
> Do enough of these poorly designed devices punch themselves a UPNP hole
> in the CPE firewall and make themselves detectable, to make this a viable
> approach?

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