BGP route processing speed

Sriram, Kotikalapudi (Fed) kotikalapudi.sriram at
Fri Feb 3 17:00:04 UTC 2017

>From: Sebastian Spies [mailto:s+Mailinglisten.nanog at] 
>my BSc thesis from 2010 might be relevant to what you are looking for.

Thanks, Sebastian. 
Good study. Your convergence time estimates (e.g. Table 2, p. 38) for route servers
are interesting and also consistent with the AMS-IX study in 2012 
(the latter in realistic IXP scenarios).

But I am still interested in any pointers to 
BGP router measurements in ISP/provider edge scenarios.


>Sriram, Kotikalapudi (Fed) schrieb:
>> I am interested in measurements related to BGP route processing speed
>> (i.e. routing engine capacity in terms of routes or updates processed per second).
>> Folks from AMS-IX did an interesting study in 2012
>> in their Route Server / IXP environment.
>> Are there other measurement studies available
>> on this topic, especially in ISP/PE router scenarios,
>> including BGP policy processing, best path selection, route filtering, etc.?
>> Will appreciate much if you can share some pointers.
>> Sriram

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