DOT FRA website broken on ipv6

Mark Andrews marka at
Thu Feb 2 20:25:41 UTC 2017

In message <CAD6AjGRoZh+SJ8tDCMSbp3wsvPDFFn3ZO5JiAbw2j4Ea9VmVcg at>, Ca By writes:
> Anyone have a contact at DOT or FRA that can solve this?  It would be
> really nice if they remove the DNS AAAA record on until it
> works correctly, customers are complaining

While the web site should be fixed / made reachable it shouldn't
matter if a single path to a site is down.  This is basically due
to crappy multi-home support in clients.  You don't have to wait
minutes to start to fallover to alternate addresses.

Tell your clients to install modern browsers that do happy eyeballs.

Fast failover should be in every application.  It is trivial to do
for TCP based applications. has
sample code showing how to do it.

Don't choose DNS64/NAT64 as your IPv6-only solution as it removes
the ability to fallback to IPv4 on IPv6 failure.

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