IPv6-enabled multi-factor providers (not DUO)

David Sotnick sotnickd-nanog at ddv.com
Thu Feb 2 16:32:14 UTC 2017


(Apologies if this is slightly off-topic; there are a lot of IPv6-advocates
here who might have some insights).

At my day job, we use Duo Security for MFA. It works well, with the caveats
that it's cloud-based and heavily dependent on Amazon AWS.

We had an IPv4 outage last weekend and of course our Duo MFA only supports
IPv4 and given their dependence on AWS I'm not hopeful that they'll have
IPv6 access to their API servers any time this year. If they had, my
weekend would have gone a lot easier.

What MFA alternatives are out there that support IPv6? If we found a
suitable alternative, I'm sure we'd consider shifting our business their



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