48vDC Output UPS

Mitcheltree, Harold B pete at ots.utsystem.edu
Sun Dec 31 20:53:52 CST 2017

Unit in URL below has integrated distribution breakers and battery string breaker. It's a 1RU. you'll need at LEAST an additional 2RU for batteries. Supports float charging, has built-in battery low volt disconnect and battery thermal monitor. SNMP management over IPv4 supported. Available with 400W or 800W or 1200W power modules. For USB craft interface order with ACC controller. For EIA232 serial craft port order with PCC controller.



45 Amp DC Power System - Aspiro 1U | UNIPOWER<https://www.unipowerco.com/products/45-amp-dc-power-system-aspiro1u/>
UNIPOWER is a world leading provider of dependable high‐efficiency power electronics and energy conversion systems and power supplies.


2RU battery subsystem.


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I've got this in my lab. Batteries aren't integrated, but it has battery
terminals to add some (and charge/monitor)...


Ethernet management is built in (HTTP/SNMP).


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> I've been looking for many years for something similar, one that has integrated batteries and is remote manageable (or ties into our equipment's telemetry) and reasonably priced, but haven't yet found one, yet.  Many of the NIDs/ONTs that we install at our customer sites are DC powered, but none of the traditional ONT vendors have a rack-mountable solution.  We'd like an all-in-one so it's neat and clean.  This is what I found last time I looked:
> http://www.ict-power.com/products/display_pro.php?id=1458 (optional external battery backup)
> http://www.ict-power.com/products/display_digital.php?id=1287 (optional external battery backup)
> http://www.poweringthenetwork.com/integrated-power-system/ IPS 48-11 (only 5 Ah, no Ethernet management)
> https://www.fiberopticlink.com/products-item/acdc-2ru-rack-mount-power-supply/ (only 4.5 Ah, no Ethernet management)
> https://www.seipower.com/dc-48v-rack-mount/ (no Ethernet management)
> http://www.duracomm.com/product-category/rack-mount-power-supplies/ (no Ethernet management)
> Frank
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> Greetings again,
> I have been looking for a Rack Mount UPS that accepts AC power input but has 48vdc output(telco voltage). Anyone have any recommendations?
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