Threads that never end

Large Hadron Collider large.hadron.collider at
Sat Dec 30 23:42:48 CST 2017

I haven't even ... This thread's going to turn into another thread that 
never ends.

On 30/12/2017 15:39, sizone!math wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 30, 2017 at 06:42:46AM -0800, Stephen Satchell said:
>    > On 12/29/2017 09:05 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
>    > >the good thing about these long threads, which have ZERO new
>    > >information, is having a KillThread command in one's mail user agent.
>    > >get a life!
>    >
>    >I no longer use KillThread.  Instead, I sort my inbox by subject, and use
>    >the Delete key liberally.  NANOG is by no means my first mailing list where
>    >religious wars have broken out.  (*cough* Linux kernel list)   :)
> I used to gate mailing lists into cnews, and then just use tin with
> well-developed killfiles. Been a while though since I've touched a news system
> at all. (long live sizone.uucp! :) Unfortunately I haven't gotten mutt to the
> tin level (though collapsing threads makes reading the index easier..).
> (Ctrl-D to kill an entire thread in mutt btw.)
> Congrats on the record breaking thread! If anyone wants to TL;DR Im mildly
> interested in the results of this 'wisdom of the cloud' brainstorm. Certainly
> ipv6 is well solved by now.
> Happy Brave New ipv6 Year!
> /kc
> --
> Ken Chase -!{ryelect,zeibmef,pci,jaywon,robohack}!sizone!math

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