Waste will kill ipv6 too

Michael Crapse michael at wi-fiber.io
Fri Dec 29 03:48:31 CST 2017

The lightbulb in this scenario has a severe security issue, and thus allows
total control of any windows computer on the network because it's set to a
private/trusted network. Also note, the lightbulb is publicly addressable
and has a 8MHz processor incapable of firewalling itself..

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> >Every scenario everyone has come up with is "unlikely". Home networks
> with multiple LANs??? Never going to happen; people don't know how to set
> them up, and there's little technical need for it.
> I couldn't agree more.  We're spending so much time with new RFCs to
> handle all these prefix delegation ways in order to accommodate 'power
> users' who are used to chaining one NATing IPv4 router off of another one
> and having it sort of work.  If we'd just put a stake in the ground and say
> residences can have one router and bridge everything below that we'd be
> further ahead.  I just can't see 99.999% of users being interested in
> subnetting their homes and writing firewall rules so their light bulbs
> can't talking to their DVRs.
> Chuck

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