Waste will kill ipv6 too

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Fri Dec 29 01:34:23 CST 2017

:: Now think about scaling.  


:: If the population doubles, we're now down to four spare /3s.  
:: If that doubled population doubles the number of devices, 
:: we're down to two spare /3s.  If the population doubles 
:: again, there will be no civilization left, let alone an 
:: Internet.  Etc.  So realistically, the current address space 
:: allocation policies can handle a doubling of the planet's 
:: population, with each person having a quarter of a million 
:: addressable nodes.  Each node having its own /64 to address 
:: individual endpoints within whatever that 'node' represents.  

Space: the final IP frontier
These are the voyages of the range of IPv6
Its many-year mission: 
to explore strange new device implementations;
to seek out new planet-covering nano-device applications and new ad-hoc networking technologies;
to boldly go via DTN where no internet segment has gone before.
<cue space-like music>

:: Isn't this the utopia we've been seeking out?

I like that one! :-)


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