Geolocation: IPv4 Subnet blocked by HULU, and others

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Wed Dec 27 21:10:30 CST 2017

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> On 12/26/2017 04:24 PM, John Levine wrote:
>> Is there some reason you believe that Hulu has a legal duty to provide old TV shows to your users?
> Doesn't Hulu (et al) have an obligation to provide service to their paying customers?
> Does this obligation extend to providing service independent of the carrier that paying customers uses?
> Or if Hulu choose to exclude known problem carriers (i.e. VPN providers) don't they have an obligation to confirm that their exclusions are accurate?  Further, to correct problems if their data is shown to be inaccurate?

I have a suspicion that these folks acquired IP space that was previously marked as part of a VPN provider, or Hulu is detecting it wrongly as VPN provider IP space.

If you look at some of the blocks I’ve seen, they have some interesting history/registration that seems to appear that way.  I’ve pointed folks at Hulu at this thread and an encouraging them to follow-up.

If you acquired IP space from a broker, you should follow up with them about the geolocation issues, and you should know what it was used for in the past.

If you are using a CDN to serve content, make sure you can serve over v6 and can also do geolocation over IPv6.  Finding the IP space used to geolocate generally isn’t difficult.  I had previously found some of these myself.

>> There are laws about discriminating against protected classes like racial or religious minorities but I am fairly sure that "random subscribers of some ISP in Utah" is not such a class."
> It's not a law, but it is a service agreement between Hulu and their customers.

It’s also that Hulu is owned by content owners that can decide to be strict about their content rights.  I’m not a fan of geoblocking and vote with my wallet to not give Hulu money.  While I understand your customers may, the lack of a fix is also a market signal.

- Jared

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