Companies using public IP space owned by others for internal routing

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Wed Dec 20 18:57:46 CST 2017

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>>> They could use IPv6. I mean, if the mobile phone companies can figure
>>>it out, surely an ISP can...
>> Except for cases when it is impossible or impractical to update
>>software on a great number of legacy devices…
>> JL
>Yeah, in those cases, they should use IPv6 + NAT64 or similar mechanism.

I’m a fan of IPv6-only plus translation, but not in this case.
If I have a functioning management network that’s mostly in IPv6 and
partly in rfc1918 space (or even squatted space), I don’t get much out of
NAT64. Renumbering the servers that actually touch/manage devices gets,
what, a /29 of IPv4 addresses? Better to focus on evolving to whatever
will replace those legacy devices.



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