Bandwidth distribution per ip

Denys Fedoryshchenko denys at
Wed Dec 20 18:34:39 CST 2017

> Are you claiming that your bandwidth is being equally divided 1024
> ways (you mentioned a /22) or just that each host (IP) is not
> receiving the full bandwidth? What is the bandwidth ordered and what
> is the bandwidth you're seeing per host(IP)?
Some facts from today.
Ordered capacity 3.3Gbit
Received capacity ~2.1Gbit if they apply bandwidth limit
In this example they removed limit, but you can have approximate picture 
how bandwidth is distributed (top 20 ips):

[x.x.x.14   ] 22433902b 36435p avg 615b 0.81%b 1.10%p 26596 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.13   ] 22715108b 34887p avg 651b 0.82%b 1.06%p 26929 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.10   ] 22741911b 31719p avg 716b 0.83%b 0.96%p 26961 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.11   ] 23874482b 34157p avg 698b 0.87%b 1.04%p 28304 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.15   ] 24393258b 29622p avg 823b 0.89%b 0.90%p 28919 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.12   ] 24715746b 33880p avg 729b 0.90%b 1.03%p 29301 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.9    ] 25720774b 36000p avg 714b 0.93%b 1.09%p 30492 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.8    ] 29599218b 40647p avg 728b 1.07%b 1.23%p 35090 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.122  ] 52015361b 52743p avg 986b 1.89%b 1.60%p 61666 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.116  ] 52161788b 55435p avg 940b 1.89%b 1.68%p 61839 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.114  ] 55409677b 56945p avg 973b 2.01%b 1.73%p 65690 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.120  ] 59971853b 59782p avg 1003b 2.18%b 1.81%p 71098 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.126  ] 60821991b 65184p avg 933b 2.21%b 1.98%p 72106 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.117  ] 61811624b 58374p avg 1058b 2.24%b 1.77%p 73279 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.113  ] 62492070b 63001p avg 991b 2.27%b 1.91%p 74086 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.119  ] 63128246b 63545p avg 993b 2.29%b 1.93%p 74840 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.121  ] 64392950b 66418p avg 969b 2.34%b 2.01%p 76340 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.115  ] 65723751b 64100p avg 1025b 2.39%b 1.94%p 77917 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.124  ] 66646572b 62637p avg 1064b 2.42%b 1.90%p 79011 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.123  ] 70332553b 68284p avg 1030b 2.55%b 2.07%p 83381 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.125  ] 70545386b 67441p avg 1046b 2.56%b 2.04%p 83634 Kbit/s
[y.y.y.118  ] 71393238b 69490p avg 1027b 2.59%b 2.11%p 84639 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.6    ] 123028709b 137530p avg 894b 4.47%b 4.17%p 145855 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.4    ] 124816100b 137221p avg 909b 4.53%b 4.16%p 147974 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.7    ] 126130939b 143443p avg 879b 4.58%b 4.35%p 149532 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.3    ] 128316371b 139360p avg 920b 4.66%b 4.22%p 152123 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.0    ] 132445418b 143143p avg 925b 4.81%b 4.34%p 157018 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.1    ] 133197094b 143713p avg 926b 4.84%b 4.35%p 157910 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.2    ] 135346483b 146510p avg 923b 4.91%b 4.44%p 160458 Kbit/s
[x.x.x.5    ] 135366769b 147766p avg 916b 4.92%b 4.48%p 160482 Kbit/s
Average packet size 834 (with ethernet header, max avg sz 1514)
Time 6748, total bytes 2753819139, total speed 3188235 Kbit/s

As you can see max single ip takes is 4.48% of bandwidth.
Also i cannot waste ipv4 for larger pools, just because of some deadly
flawed equipment/configuration.

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