Bandwidth distribution per ip

Saku Ytti saku at
Wed Dec 20 17:12:19 CST 2017

On 20 December 2017 at 19:04, Denys Fedoryshchenko <denys at> wrote:

> As person who is in love with embedded systems development, i just watched
> today beautiful 10s of meters long 199x machine, where multi kW VFDs manage
> huge motors(not steppers), dragging synchronously and printing on thin paper
> with crazy speed and all they have is long ~9600 link between a bunch of
> encoders
> and PLC dinosaur managing all this beauty. If any of them will apply a bit
> wrong
> torque, stretched paper will rip apart.
> In fact nothing complex there, and technology is ancient these days.
> Engineers who cannot synchronize and update few virtual "subinstances"
> policing ratio based on feedback, in one tiny, expensive box, with
> reasonable
> update ratio, having in hands modern technologies, maybe incompetent?

As appealing it is to say everyone, present company excluded, is
incompetent, I think explanation is more complex than that. Solution
has to be economic and marketable. I think elephant flow detection and
unequal mapping of hash result to physical interface is economic and
marketable solution, but it needs that extra level of abstraction,
i.e. you cannot just backport it via software if hardware is missing
that sort of capability.


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