Bandwidth distribution per ip

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That seems completely unworkable to me.  I would think most environment are going to have heavy hitting devices like firewalls and servers that cause traffic aggregation points in the networks.  If they shape on their customer's uplink port I don't see why the individual addresses matter at all.  I've never heard of that one.

As far as policing on an aggregated interface it would seem to be better to police at a different point where all of the traffic for a given customer can be policed together regardless of the physical port it is received on.

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>National operator here ask customers to distribute bandwidth between all ip's equally, e.g. if i have /22, and i have in it CDN from one of the big content providers, this CDN use only 3 ips for ingress bandwidth, so bandwidth >distribution is not equal between ips and i am not able to use all my bandwidth.
>And for me, it sounds like faulty aggregation + shaping setup, for example, i heard once if i do policing on some models of Cisco switch, on an aggregated interface, if it has 4 interfaces it will install 25% policer on each >interface and if hashing is done by dst ip only, i will face such issue, but that is old and cheap model, as i recall.
>Did anybody in the world face such requirements?
>Is such requirements can be considered as legit?

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