Bandwidth distribution per ip

Denys Fedoryshchenko denys at
Wed Dec 20 14:55:51 CST 2017

National operator here ask customers to distribute bandwidth between all 
ip's equally, e.g. if i have /22, and i have in it CDN from one of the 
big content providers, this CDN use only 3 ips for ingress bandwidth, so 
bandwidth distribution is not equal between ips and i am not able to use 
all my bandwidth.

And for me, it sounds like faulty aggregation + shaping setup, for 
example, i heard once if i do policing on some models of Cisco switch, 
on an aggregated interface, if it has 4 interfaces it will install 25% 
policer on each interface and if hashing is done by dst ip only, i will 
face such issue, but that is old and cheap model, as i recall.

Did anybody in the world face such requirements?
Is such requirements can be considered as legit?

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