Free access to measurement network

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Not if you are in an RLEC controlled territory you can't.  They are protected monopolies by definition.  You could do fixed wireless but not real cost effective to deploy in low density rural environments.  Especially when there is a lack of cellular infrastructure to piggyback the infrastructure on.

Anyone that has been a CLEC knows that the ILEC have squeezed the CLECs out of the wireline space pretty effectively.  It is nearly impossible to compete with the already amortized ILEC wireline networks and you can't do your own cable infrastructure without a city franchise in most areas.

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>Anyone can roll their own wireline at the maximum regulatory effort of becoming a CLEC and construction permits. Some jurisdictions will let you in without this, but if you have the former, they must allow you the same access as the >ILEC. 
>Otherwise, they can do fixed wireless. 
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