Free access to measurement network

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It's a consumer thing. If consumers wanted more options, they would be supporting those options with their wallets. They don't. 

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So for my point of view, better solution is to push some law that ease 
access to the buildings for ISPs. 

15.12.17 19:40, valdis.kletnieks at пише: 
> On Fri, 15 Dec 2017 07:47:42 -0500, Dovid Bender said: 
>> What kind of internet are these devices on? With Net Neutrality gone here 
>> in the US it would be a good way to measure certain services such as SIP to 
>> see which ISP's if any are tampering with packets. 
> Given previous history, the answer will probably be "most of them". 
> "The results are not inspiring. More than 129 million people are limited to a 
> single provider for broadband Internet access using the FCC definition of 25 
> Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Out of those 129 million Americans, about 52 
> million must obtain Internet access from a company that has violated network 
> neutrality protections in the past and continues to undermine the policy today. 
> In locations where subscribers have the benefit of limited competition, the 
> situation isn't much better. Among the 146 million Americans with the ability 
> to choose between two providers, 48 million Americans must choose between two 
> companies that have a record of violating network neutrality." 

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