Static Routing

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Fri Dec 8 20:09:49 CST 2017

On Fri, 08 Dec 2017 03:13:57 +0000, Ryan Hamel said:
> Greetings,

> A colleague of mine has static routed to a usable IP address,
> to have a single known IP address be static routed to a regions closest server.
> While I understand the IP address does work (pings and what not), I don't feel
> this should be the proper IP address used, but something more feasible like a
> usable IP in a dedicated range ( for example).

Probably depends on what your colleague is trying to do.  Nothing in the
rules says the .0 address on a subnet is reserved (though you're in for a
surprise if there's any gear still on the net with a 4.2BSD stack).

> I would to hear everyone's thoughts on this, as this the first IP address in
> an RFC1918 range.

At some point, some chucklehead  is going to look at that .0.0 and mentally think /16,
and things will go pear-shaped pretty quickly....

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