Suggestions for a more privacy conscious email provider

Filip Hruska fhr at
Wed Dec 6 17:54:45 CST 2017

SES can't hit your firewall with bots, it's just an email service.

Maybe you meant EC2? And as I said earlier, if you have correctly setup 
firewall and servers, port scanning or bots can't hurt you in any way.

Filip Hruska
Linux System Administrator

Dne 12/6/17 v 18:31 Edwin Pers napsal(a):
> Email sending limits are one thing. A couple hundred ssh/rdp/sql bots hitting my firewalls constantly is another.
>  From what I'm reading on that AWS doc page, those limits only apply to SES users.
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> On 12/05/2017 10:16 AM, Gordon Ewasiuk via NANOG wrote:
>> AWS imposes "email sending limitations", by default, on all EC2
>> accounts. Anyone who wants those limitations removed has to fill out a
>> form and make a use case to AWS Support.
>> AWS also says they work with ISPs and "Internet anti-SPAM orgs" like
>> Spamhaus.
>> That sounds a bit more than "doesn't care about it", no?

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