Small full BGP table capable router with low power consumption

Adam Lawson adlawson at
Tue Dec 5 18:44:03 CST 2017


Thanks for all the replies.

I think the options that came up are:
- Mikrotiks
This fits my requirements pretty nicely, however as Mike pointed out the 
single threaded BGP is a bit of concern. Also, just that I'm not a very big
fan of the /xxx Mikrotik CLI.

- EdgeRouter Pros, Juniper M7i
- A server with bgpd running
- Cisco 4300-4400 series
Both the above would work nicely.

- Cisco 2900s
Can these handle full BGP tables as of today?

- Juniper MXs
The reason I wrote M7i instead of the MX was I far as I looked on the Juniper
site, it seems to use more power than the M7i (though you get more performance).

- Nokia IXR-R6 (not IXR-6)
- Huawei NE20E-S2E
I need to look these up. I'm guessing the Nokia has same CLIs as Alcatels.


---- On Mon, 04 Dec 2017 11:19:14 -0800 Adam Lawson <adlawson at> wrote ----

 > Hi,
 > I'm looking for suggestions on 1U-2U sized router with 1G interface 
 > which can handle both IPv4 and IPv6 full BGP table and doesn't consume 
 > too much power. 
 > The router needs to be squeezed in to a rack which doesn't 
 > have a lot of space nor power. As for space, maybe I can make 
 > space for 3U or 4U but as for power, I can only do around 
 > 1.5A at 100V on average. (There is room for burst power usage.)
 > The following are the one's I can think of:
 > - Juniper M7i with C-FEB-E (base 1.59A)
 > - Brocade CER2024F (1.35A)
 > - Mikrotik CCR, UBNT EdgeRouter Pro/Infinity
 > - A server with Vyos, vMX or ASR1000v
 > Does anyone have other recommendations?
 > Thanks,
 > Adam

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