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Tue Dec 5 18:40:57 CST 2017

Subject of interest; my 15 years experience I met a blend of senior admins
while learning the curves ......

1. Those who denied you knowledge/handover due to insecurity

2. Those who fed you with knowledge but were rude and could make you feel
like you undergoing some military training

3. Those who gave you manuals and told you go and read; hardcopy was a
common thing - I could deliberately stay back in the office and print a
whole library :-)

4. The rare breed that walked you through sysadmins !

Right now it seems the tables have turned around; I already feel I have
come to the end of the road as sysadmin but on a lighter note - I have been
working hard on passing knowledge down and this are the new blend of people
I have met.

1. Those willing to learn are very obedient but for some reason not up to
the task

2. Those who know everything you try to teach them; are kinda rude and they
bring down systems - lab systems

3. Those who commit to be taught but never show up for free lessons despite
offering them free lunch :-)

4. A rare young  breed that teaches me mobile apps and new games online -
the 90's champs !

5. A rare breed that goes the extra mile; sacrifice time and money to learn

I love 4 & 5 !

On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 7:54 PM, Grant Taylor via NANOG <nanog at>

> On 12/05/2017 09:17 AM, Harald Koch wrote:
>> Thirty years ago I started my sysadmin journey on an Internet that was
>> filled with helpful, experienced people that were willing to share their
>> knowledge.
> The vast majority of what I've experienced in the last ~20 years has been
> people willing to help others who are trying to help themselves.
> If you are trying, make an honest mistake, and are willing to correct it
> when others politely let you know, you will quite likely find people
> willing to help you.  Especially if you return the favor in kind.
> If you are being a hooligan and not responding to problems reported to you
> or purposefully ~> wantonly doing things to others ... good luck.
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Samson Oduor

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