Suggestions for a more privacy conscious email provider

amuse nanog-amuse at
Tue Dec 5 07:26:30 CST 2017

You can cut down significantly on SPAM by simply dropping any email with a
gtld which didn't exist prior to 2001. Give it a try!

On Dec 4, 2017 22:57, "Stephen Satchell" <list at> wrote:

> On 12/04/2017 06:47 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:
>> Last week we found out that Helpscout sends email from AWS servers.
>> Thank you, Helpscout, for forcing me to lift the AWS blocks on my
>> incoming MTAs, that were cutting down my incoming spam scanning load by a
>> factor of two.  At least.
> If I may make a suggestion:  rate-limit incoming connections from AWS,
> with a pinhole for Helpscout.  Spammers try only one if they are doing
> direct SMTP; legit mail servers will retry failed transmissions.
> I used to do this with Postfix at the edge of a Web host network.
> (Yes, yes, I know that compromised PHP scripts will inject mail into a
> real mail server, so rate-limiting only spreads out the pain.)

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