Suggestions for a more privacy conscious email provider

Stephen Satchell list at
Tue Dec 5 06:25:13 CST 2017

On 12/04/2017 02:06 PM, Grant Taylor via NANOG wrote:
> Namely, when I ran my server at home, it took a search warrant to 
> legally enter my house to access the server, which I would be 
> immediately made aware of.  I can't say the same with the same degree of 
> certainty for a server located in a co-location facility.

It takes a search warrant for co-located gear, but the warrants I 
received as a rack monkey at a Web hosting company were served on the 
company, not on the customer, and those warrants included gag orders -- 
I could not inform the customer that his equipment had its hard disk 
copied.  (Now THERE's a story, but you will have to by me beer to hear it.)

Mail tap orders?  Same deal, had to do narrow captures and not speak a 
word of it to anyone.  (IRS warrant in that case.  And if you think I'm 
violating the gag order, that was 11 years ago.)

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