Suggestions for a more privacy conscious email provider

Rich Kulawiec rsk at
Mon Dec 4 23:34:03 CST 2017

On Mon, Dec 04, 2017 at 05:59:30PM +0000, Filip Hruska wrote:
> AWS is probably the biggest cloud provider in the world. Of course the
> majority of junk is going to be coming from their network,
> simply because they are that big.

This is incorrect reasoning.  Because they're the biggest cloud provider
in the world, they should send the least amount of junk: the larger
an operation is, the easier abuse detection/prevention gets. [1]

They have -- for all practical purposes -- unlimited computing resources,
unlimited personnel resources, and unlimited financial resources.
Shouldn't they be leading?  Shouldn't they be more professional, more
competent, more diligent than all of us?  Shouldn't they be the exemplar
for How To Do It Right?


[1] I don't expect them, or anyone else, to catch everything all the
time.  There are always unpleasant surprises.  But there is absolutely
no excuse for systemic, chronic abuse, for failure to accept abuse
reports, for failure to respond to them quickly, for failure to
act on them promptly, for failure to prevent repeat incidents,
or for failure to apologize.

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