Suggestions for a more privacy conscious email provider

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Mon Dec 4 22:52:57 CST 2017

I'm not personally really worried about this.  -  I was just calling out 
that it is a difference.  For others that do care.  ;-)

On 12/04/2017 03:42 PM, Andy Brezinsky wrote:
> If you're really worried about this, separate your mail storage from the 
> mail transport.  Run an inbound and outbound smarthost on your $5 VPS to 
> queue up mail and deliver it back to your house where your long term 
> mail is stored.  This gives you the benefit of the static IP at the VPS 
> along with the security and cheap storage of having the mail storage in 
> house.

I agree that the VPS Smart Host is a good solution.  However that puts 
you in a position that you are now administering multiple mail servers.

I'd suggest that people new to mail servers stick with a single $5 ~ $10 
/ month VPS that does all of the roles.  -  Then graduate to the 
multiple server solution.

> If you're worried about the short amount of time that messages are 
> queued up on your VPS before making it to your house then you really 
> shouldn't be communicating over email.

I think it depends what part of the communications you're worried about. 
  S/MIME and PGP tend to cover a lot of the (non-metadata) concern.

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