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Mon Dec 4 22:51:17 CST 2017

On Mon, 04 Dec 2017 16:41:55 -0600, Brad Knowles said:

> > (Those 6 of you who *are* serious professionals at this can ignore =
> that advice :)
> Do I count?  I only accused the Director of the NSA of High Treason in
> my letter to the editors of the Communications of the ACM (see
> <>).

Treason fail.  What declared enemy of the US did the Director provide aid and
comfort to? (Hint: a declaration of war seems to be considered important -
during the Korean conflict a number of soldiers didn't get prosecuted for
treason at least partly because we hadn't actually declared war on North Korea.
Similarly, the Rosenbergs got the chair for espionage but not treason, because
we didn't declare war on the USSR either during the Cold War). Actually, we
haven't declared war on anybody since WWII...)

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