Small full BGP table capable router with low power consumption

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Watch the memory requirements on a full Internet table in the Cisco 2900 series.  More current model would be the Cisco 4300 - 4400 ISR series.  They have 2/4/8/16 gigs of memory.  Power consumption MAX ranges from 0.6A to 3.0A depending on model.  Higher models have more throughput and more interfaces.  Throughput ranges from 35 mbps to 2 gbps.  I rarely see Cisco routers running near the max power rating especially if you are not using PoE or etherswitch interfaces.  The 43xx series is replacing the 29xx series and the 44xx series is replacing the 39xx series.  I've put in a few of them and they are pretty nice.  They are either 1 or 2 U in size.

We are using 4431 with throughput license to 1 GB receiving a full table from the provider and three IBGP peers with no issues and full gig throughput.  It is currently drawing 65 watts of power in steady state and 250 watts on bootup (not using any PoE or network modules, just built in Ethernets).

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>> The router needs to be squeezed in to a rack which doesn't have a lot 
>> of space nor power. As for space, maybe I can make space for 3U or 4U 
>> but as for power, I can only do around 1.5A at 100V on average. (There is 
>> room for burst power usage.)

>A Cisco 2911 or 3945 does this though the 3945 is a little more power hungry.

>A current generation x86 server running Linux and Quagga does this.

>Bill Herrin

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