BGP AS# migration from IOS to IOS-XR

Nick Hilliard nick at
Thu Aug 31 10:39:33 UTC 2017

marcel.duregards--- via NANOG wrote:
> Cisco offer a doc how to migrate from IOS to XR of about 40pages, but
> it's quite old (XR 3.2) and not so interesting.

that doc is still relevant.

> And how to you manage RPL editing? I mean with IOS you have some
> completion on TAB keystroke, but as RPL has to be edited within a text
> editor, you loose this kind of 'help'.

You can edit RPL from the command-line too, with tab completion and
inline help.

> Maybe we have to re-think our config from scrash 

that is a good option in this situation.  RPL is significantly more
flexible than what's available on vanilla IOS, and you would benefit
from learning RPL, then standing back and looking carefully at what
you're doing with route routing policy to see how it can be abstracted
into well-structured RPL.

There are a number of major new features: RPL functions can call other
RPL functions, which you can't really do with route-maps (leading to
lots of duplication for similar configuration), and passing variables
into RPL functions. You can use these features to build up structured
RPL configuration mechanisms which give a lot of flexibility and power.

Also, XR is better from the point of view of automation.  If it makes
sense to build automation into your network, this would provide a good


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