BGP AS# migration from IOS to IOS-XR

marcel.duregards at marcel.duregards at
Thu Aug 31 10:06:12 UTC 2017

Dear All,

Does anybody had to migrate a entire BGP transit AS# from Cisco IOS to

Our main concern is BGP, especially conversion from route-map,
communities, conditional advertisement, template, peer-group up to RPL.

Cisco offer a doc how to migrate from IOS to XR of about 40pages, but
it's quite old (XR 3.2) and not so interesting.

There are also a lot of documentation about XR/RPL, but I was not able
to find a good doc about RPL, and how to translate complex IOS config to XR.

Any experience on BGP best pratice with XR, af-group, session-group,
neighbor-group, communities implementation from existing IOS config ?
And how to you manage RPL editing? I mean with IOS you have some
completion on TAB keystroke, but as RPL has to be edited within a text
editor, you loose this kind of 'help'.

Maybe we have to re-think our config from scrash :-).
Thank in advance,
Best regards,

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