Hurricane Harvey - Network Status (FCC)

Robert Jacobs rjacobs at
Mon Aug 28 17:47:33 UTC 2017

Large network provider in the middle of this... This event will re-write all of our DR plans... Telecom and communication systems are holding up extremely well with high water and multi-county power outages caused by high-water... I commend all those out in this responding to immediate needs of their fellow citizens directly and the countless other setting at home in front of their PC monitoring things and making sure systems and emergences are being dealt with.  Proud to see everyone working together.. That is the way it should be.  

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On 2017-08-27 20:58, Tim Jackson wrote:
> KHOU's local transmitter (Missouri City I think is where it's at) 
> seems to be back on the air, but with all production from WFAA out of Dallas.

KHOU had a tweet with video showing the water flooding into their offices/studios and staff having to leave.

I guess this is where disaster tolerance/recovery plans really kick in.

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