Last Week's Canadian Fiber Cut

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Thu Aug 24 17:51:54 UTC 2017

On 2017-08-16 18:29, Christopher Morrell wrote:
> Let’s not forget that all POTS and cell service was offline during the
> outage - even for local and 911 service.

It would be interesting to know how incumbent telco services within
Aliant territory became dependent on a link to central Canada. Whenh on
dials 911 in Moncton, does it require some database inquiry to some
database in Toronto, failing which, the call can't go through?

(Aliant, which used to be separate maritime telcos was bought lock stock
and barrel by Bell Canada a couple years ago, so likely rationlized some
services to save costs, so anything that became dependent on some
Toronto server would stop working)

The CRTC asked Bell for a report on what happened, but told media that
report may not be made public.

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