How can I obtain the abuse e-mail address for IPs from Japan?

John Levine johnl at
Wed Aug 23 20:03:29 UTC 2017

In article <CAPbn28=jm02=uVQh341SjvO4_frZo0Lj-5KTNp+eP6RYN9jmUQ at> you write:
>Thank you for your assistance. I'm used to query AS entries for LACNIC
>region and their WHOIS spit out righ away all contacts. I didn't realise I
>had to make a secondary query for the Technical Contact ID to only then see
>the e-mail address.

If you do write to Japanese network contacts, expect a very polite
response saying that they can't deal with your report because they're
too scared to open attachments.


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