How can I obtain the abuse e-mail address for IPs from Japan?

Kurt Kraut listas at
Wed Aug 23 14:08:31 UTC 2017


I'm having a hard time to figure out the abuse e-mail address for IPs from
Japan. Any query I perform at the WHOIS, for any IP, from any autonomoyus
system I get the same e-mail addresses:

abuse at
hm-changed at
ip-apnic at
hostmaster at

These e-mail addresses belong to JPNIC, not the autonomous system itself.
So any messages sent to these e-mail addresses will not reach the offending
NOC/SOC so I can report vulnerabilities and DDoS attacks.

What am I missing and how should I report security issues to autonomous
systems from this region? Has anyone here any experience on this?

Thanks in advance,

Kurt Kraut

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