Last Week's Canadian Fiber Cut

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Sat Aug 19 05:32:04 UTC 2017

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 3:52 PM, Jared Mauch <jared at> wrote:

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> > Did we ever get any resolution on why this was such a big outage?
> Appears there were two fiber cuts. Were the fibers damaged in the same
> conduit? Is this a collapsed ring scenario?
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> -about-backup-bell-outage-1.4239064
> Perhaps some transatlantic fallback?  It looks like the only cable out
> there is the Greenland one.. guessing that’s not very competitive?  It only
> gets you to Iceland it seems.
For background on the Greenland Connect cable, the UKNOF presentation I
presented (built by Heller, Harland, and I) in 2009 is here at - You can get past Iceland for sure. Just not for

(Honorable mentions in all of this for AMS-IX, LINX, Nick Hilliard, Andy
Davidson and Will Hargrave. Remco van Mook got the Golden Jökulhlaup for
his part).

The route was cost prohibitive as you guessed. There was reach-ability from
the EU to CA via RVK and GOH, The built paths were CPH-RVK-GOH-YHZ and
LON-RVK-GOH-YHZ. While the GOH route were most prohibitive, the RVK paths
less so. It was much cheaper to route LON to LGA via Hibernia. I like it as
a back up path. So did a few banks. But cost. Do I think this is a viable
path? Yes. Will it ever come down in cost? I'd go back to try this again.
Maybe things have changed?



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