AS29073,, Level3: Why does anyone peer with these schmucks?

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Mon Aug 14 20:47:33 UTC 2017

Den 14. aug. 2017 21.51 skrev "Ronald F. Guilmette" <rfg at>:

Sorry for the re-post, but it has been brought to my attention that
my inclusion, in my prior posting, of various unsavory FQDNs resolving
to various IPv4 addresses on AS29073 has triggered some people's
spam filters.  (Can't imagine why. :-)  So I am re-posting this message
now, with just a link to where those shady FQDNs and their current
forward resolutions may be found.  (I also took the opportunity to
clean up some minor typos.)

Why are domain registrars allowing some of those domains, which are clearly
advertising highly illegal content that will get you in jail in most of the

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