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Reach out to Gino Villarini at Aeronet. 

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Hey there! 

... ok this time I am not going to call it PRIX ;) well name doesn't matter 
really. Nearly 13 years ago I have attempted to start Puerto rico Internet 
exchange in San Juan. I have lived there over 5 years and i just wanted to 
really watch videos faster. The project somewhat died when i moved to LA 
but now there are few interested party to start an internet exchange in 
Puerto rico. The jsland historically had one of the slowest 
broadband/internet services which seemed to have improved in recent years 
however as of 2017 there still is not an IX in Puerto rico. 

We , 3-4 internet engineers (on island and remote) , want to look into 
relaunch of this IX and hopefully find a way to keep local traffic 
exchanged at high speeds and low cost. We need expertise, and people who 
want to help any way they can. 

We are trying to make this IX a not-for-profit one and we are looking at 
opeeating models to adapt which has worked incredibly well like Seattle IX. 

We are hoping the relaunch to happen sometime in 2018. Thanks in advance 
hope to share more info and traffic data sometime , soon. Watch this space! 


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