EdgeRouter Infinity as medium-sized "IXP Peering Router"?

Brielle Bruns bruns at 2mbit.com
Sat Aug 12 04:13:37 UTC 2017

On 8/11/2017 9:34 AM, Josh Reynolds wrote:
> As an additional note, sometimes drivers get backported, this is how
> 1.9.7hotfix1 works on Infinity. There are multiple trees in various stages
> of dev at any given time.

The Infinity started out on 1.9.0 (which is what my Infinity alpha 
hardware had) and went up from there as the various in between releases 
came up, up until the current 1.9.7 release.

The 1.9.8 dev releases are not currently for the Infinity or any 
previous ER hardware.  That's about all I can say.

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