US/Canada International border concerns for routing

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You mean ROBALLOFUS right?


On August 8, 2017 5:33:28 PM PDT, Clayton Zekelman <clayton at MNSi.Net> wrote:
>With the peering policies of the major Canadian ISPs, you're 
>virtually guaranteed to hairpin through the US on most paths.
>Robellus (Rogers, Bell & Telus) will peer with you at any of their 
>major Canadian peering points, such as NYC, Chicago or LA.
>At 10:01 AM 20/07/2017, Hiers, David wrote:
>>We're looking to extend some services into Canada.  While our 
>>lawyers dig into it, I thought that I'd ask the hive mind about 
>>border restrictions.
>>For traffic routing, is anyone constraining cross-border routing 
>>between Canada and the US?  IOW, if you are routing from Toronto to 
>>Montreal, do you have to guarantee that the path cannot go through, 
>>say, Syracuse, New York?
>>I'm asking network operators about packet routing; data storage is a 
>>very different matter, of course.
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