US/Canada International border concerns for routing

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I can't thank everyone enough for their input and insight!

It sounds like my discovery didn't miss some glaringly obvious form, checkbox, agreement or community (NO-US-EH, for instance <snark> ) to keep traffic from crossing the border.

Data *storage*, on the other hand, is a very different thing, and even a drunk intern can find the rules around that kind of thing.

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It seems to me the original question was asking about it more from a legal perspective, in other words does Canadian traffic have to stay in Canada. IANAL (or a Canadian), but the answer is "mostly, no, especially as related to publicly routed traffic" as should be evidenced based on what's already been discussed here. In other words, there is restricted traffic but unless you're making a play for MAN/WAN type service on owned infrastructure, those requirements are unlikely to arise. 

To support the macro point, there is some big-boy level peering in Toronto but not really much else outside that, but there are plenty of routes that don't cross the border if you don't have to jump networks to your destination, for example going to an AWS on ramp in Canada using a native partner network, especially in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal. 

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>> With the peering policies of the major Canadian ISPs, you're 
>> virtually =
> guaranteed to hairpin through the US on most paths.
>> =20
>> Robellus (Rogers, Bell & Telus) will peer with you at any of their =
> major Canadian peering points, such as NYC, Chicago or LA.
> To be fair, Rogers does peer in Toronto.  Along with New York, 
> Chicago, = Seattle, and Ashburn.
>                                -Bill
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