US/Canada International border concerns for routing

Constantine A. Murenin mureninc at
Tue Aug 8 23:54:56 UTC 2017

On 20/07/2017, Hiers, David <David.Hiers at> wrote:
> Hi,
> We're looking to extend some services into Canada.  While our lawyers dig
> into it, I thought that I'd ask the hive mind about border restrictions.
> For traffic routing, is anyone constraining cross-border routing between
> Canada and the US?  IOW, if you are routing from Toronto to Montreal, do you
> have to guarantee that the path cannot go through, say, Syracuse, New York?

Guarantee to whom?

Back a few years ago when I looked into it, most of the traffic within
Canada went through the US, e.g., since Bell didn't want to peer with
anyone in Canada, you'd go something like YYZ - ORD - YYZ, clearly
visible through the traceroute.

Possibly somewhat better nowadays — there's been quite a few new IX
POPs that popped up — but I doubt the scenario is a thing of the past.

P.S.  Just for the giggles — checked routing from to — still goes through Chicago, to
Montreal, from Toronto. :-)  Going straight to Montreal,, will route you to (still in Montreal)
through the peering at NYC.

P.P.S.  In other words — if someone wants guarantees, they better
explicitly ask you for it.


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