Reviews - GTT, NTT and Telia

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Tue Aug 8 15:34:43 UTC 2017


We use all three globally. 

NTT – Like everyone already stated, excellent customer service. Fast and very knowledgeable. 

TELIA – It was a rocky start with them in the beginning, but they’ve been very good lately (About a year). Customer service is always fast and decent. In the beginning, their maintenances tended to cause problems they did not expect. We would have a couple service interruption and later find out they were conducting maintenance on their internal network. We were not expected to be affected so weren’t notified type thing. They also have had quite a few mis-configuration issues which put a little doubt in their changes and engineers. But they’ve implemented stricter change control and peer review which seems to have mitigated this. A good thing in my eyes is they are always forth coming if there was a problem on their side. All in all, I recommend them.

GTT – Ever since they merged their network with Hibernia (About 6months ago), their customer service has taken a big hit. Tickets can now take days to hear back from them, have to constantly ask for updates. I think their NOC is swamped with work and are backed up. If your issue is not ongoing, it could be awhile. I don’t want to harp on them, but their customer service used to be excellent. I think they are going through some growing pains right now, hopefully they turn it around soon. As for their network, it’s reliable, a couple hits here and there, but you’ll see that anywhere.  

Donovan Van Dyk
SOC Network Engineer
Office: +1.954.620.6002 x911
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

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On 8/7/17, 1:19 PM, "Ramy Hashish" <ramy.ihashish at> wrote:

    Thank you so much Edward for your elaborate review.
    I would like to read more reviews, we are going to consolidate many smaller
    circuits in two 10Gs, it would be great if we can learn the experience the
    easy way :)
    On Aug 7, 2017 17:16, "Edward Dore" <edward.dore at>
    Hi Ramy,
    We use both GTT and NTT for IP transit in the UK. The NTT NOC is absolutely
    excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. We had serious service
    delivery problems with GTT which dragged on for months, but once they
    finally managed to provision the service it has been perfectly reliable and
    their NOC seemed OK on the few occasions that we’ve needed to deal with
    Edward Dore
    Freethought Internet

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