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Tue Aug 8 08:55:39 UTC 2017

Hi Ramy,

Having worked with NTT & GTT, but not Telia, I can heartily recommend
NTT. Every one of these providers has its peering challenges so you'll
need diversity regardless of the one you pick, but the operations team
over at NTT has been absolutely stellar in terms of technical know-how
and always provides clear communication about any issues that one might
encounter operationally speaking.

Best regards,

On 07-08-17 19:19, Ramy Hashish wrote:
> Thank you so much Edward for your elaborate review.
> I would like to read more reviews, we are going to consolidate many smaller
> circuits in two 10Gs, it would be great if we can learn the experience the
> easy way :)
> Ramy
> On Aug 7, 2017 17:16, "Edward Dore" <edward.dore at>
> wrote:
> Hi Ramy,
> We use both GTT and NTT for IP transit in the UK. The NTT NOC is absolutely
> excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. We had serious service
> delivery problems with GTT which dragged on for months, but once they
> finally managed to provision the service it has been perfectly reliable and
> their NOC seemed OK on the few occasions that we’ve needed to deal with
> them.
> Edward Dore
> Freethought Internet

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