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It can be really impossible with multiple carriers because even if you get a geographically diverse route on day 1, carriers are constantly grooming and reconfiguring and since each carrier does not monitor the other ones architecture they cannot even know that they are ruining your redundancy by re-grooming circuits into the same physical paths.  The only way you could even begin to know would be to demand regular updates of your circuits physical layout (if they will give it to you and they actual know what it is) and then you would just have to hope that a) their records are current and b) you don't get re-groomed that very same evening.

If you request geo diversity from a single carrier, they should be able to check that they have diverse paths but you have to stay on them to ensure they stay that way.

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And can be hard to know without serious dilligence - two of our upstreams happened to go through the same 360 networks conduit in montreal that "saw significant rodent activity". Both were down for 6 hours. A couple customers had some custom apps that relied on the two, each as redundancy to the other. 

That didnt work out. 

Getting salesdroids to give you the info can be very hard though, and even tech dept's may not know what secondary providers their fibres run through or where, readily. 


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> Well,
> Saying they provided you with geographically diverse circuits versus 
>actually doing it, happen way too often.
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