Multicom Hijacks: Do you peer with these turkeys (AS35916)?

Jima nanog at
Thu Aug 3 12:24:42 UTC 2017

A few years back, Ronald named-and-shamed my work's new carrier for 
facilitating a prefix hijacker on this very list. As luck would have it, 
I had a fresh, crisp business card from our sales rep, so I passed the 
(quite legitimate) grievance along, and a short time later, the hijacked 
prefixes had one less upstream.

Years later now, I have a different job, and a circuit with AS209. I'll 
see if I can't scare someone up (if it's still active by the time I get 
into the office).

Thanks Ronald. Rest assured that many of us remember. :-)


On 2017-08-03 05:21, Ken Chase wrote:
> RIPE or one of dem dere responsible RIRs should hire him.
> I got a sales call in a few weeks with NTT, let's see if Job is successful
> and then I can be duly impressed and even more interested in their products.
> This shit actually matters, sometimes.

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