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In 2013/2014 we also had to deal with a massive spam spike from
Our stats showed that the spam to ham ratio was at about 95% or higher
from their 'mailserver' IP Range.

After sending several emails to their different abuse and postmaster
email addresses and trying to escalate the problem via (now
salt), as a last resort we blacklisted their whole IP Range via SWINOG
Blacklist, which is used by many swiss ISP.

This finally resulted in getting in contact with us.
Apparently the do receive and look at emails at their normal abuse
contact address. But they never bother to reply, especially when they do
not feel responsible for the specific IP addresses, even if they are in
their range.

The problem at that time was, that they had leased a part of their IP
range to one of their branches in eastern europe and this branch had
somehow been massively abused by spamers. After they were able to tell
me which IP ranges belonged to their 'east europe' branch, we could
shrink the blocked range to those specific ip addresses and this was
also fine with their abuse desk, because they could clearly see the
problem and more or less confirmed their colleagues in eastern europe
apparently did not care so much about spam or being listed in anti-spam
blacklists. Apparently this was not their problem.

So, yes, try their abuse contact email address, write in french if
somehow possible, and make clear you need a reply. Hopefully this will

Kind regards

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