What services do you control at your org?

LHC (k9m) large.hadron.collider at gmx.com
Sun Apr 30 06:53:23 UTC 2017

I'm a teenager.

For my personal systems, the answers are:

I am the networking group, but my work is nonexistent. Myself. NEETery. I'm mostly concerned with maintaining the white noise generators. And since I am talking about my personal systems, yes.

On April 27, 2017 3:56:19 PM PDT, Matt Freitag <mlfreita at mtu.edu> wrote:
>I'm doing an informal survey:
>   - Are you in the networking group? (presumably yes)
>   - What org do you work for? (optional)
>   - What industry is your org in? (ex. Higher Ed)
>   - Does the networking group control your NAC/RADIUS server used for
>   network authentication, DHCP, and/or DNS servers?
>     - "Control" means the networking group does all the configuration,
>      administration, and maintenance of said systems.
>My answers:
>   - I am in the networking group
>   - I'm at Michigan Technological University
>   - We're in Higher Education
>   - Currently I control the NAC/RADIUS server, but not do DHCP and do
>  minimal stuff with DNS. Mostly adding/removing other domains from our
>   master BIND servers.
>Thank you for your time!!
>Matt Freitag
>Network Engineer I
>Information Technology
>Michigan Technological University
>(906) 487-3696 <%28906%29%20487-3696>

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