Radu-Adrian Feurdean nanog at
Mon Apr 10 10:11:32 UTC 2017

On Fri, Apr 7, 2017, at 20:03, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> On Fri, 7 Apr 2017, Max Tulyev wrote:
> > BTW, does somebody check how implementing a native IPv6 decrease actual
> > load of CGNAT?
> Reports are that 30-50% of traffic will be IPv6 when you enable dual 
> stack. This would be traffic that will not traverse your CGNAT.

My data on customers supposed to be 100% dual-stack (unless they
explicitely disable IPv6 on their side, which some of them do) says 25%
on best days. It used to be up to 35% in late 2015.
For reason unknown, it was going slightly down during 2016, with a
sudden extra decrease in january this year.

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